These Twins Were Named “Most Beautiful in the World,” Wait Til You See Them Now


‘World’s Most Beautiful Twins’ Are Now Famous Instagram Models


On July 7, 2010, Jaqi was not expecting to meet her newborn babies Ava Marie and Leah Rose. The twins surprised everyone by coming earlier than expected, but as time passed by, Jaqi understood the reason behind their early arrival. “They came four and a half weeks early, but knowing their personalities now, it makes total sense that they would show up early, unannounced, and ready to take on anything,” Jaqi said. The twins’ natural beauty was evident from the moment they were born – with big blue eyes, chubby cheeks, and perfectly symmetrical faces, they had that model look from the start. Of course, this led to endless compliments from family and strangers alike.

What Everyone Said


With little girls this lovely and adorable, people couldn’t resist complimenting them. From the moment they were born, Jaqi continually heard the same comment: “Wow they are so beautiful, you should really think about getting them into modeling.” Eventually, she decided to follow the advice and see if her little ones would take to modeling. Once the twins were six months old, the family inked a deal with an agency in Los Angeles. At the time, Jaqi was also taking care of their two-year-old son, so motherhood was as challenging as it was rewarding. To maintain balance, she decided to shorten the first modeling gig the girls appeared in, keeping it to just three months.

What the Twins Want


While modeling seems like a fun idea, Jaqi decided the girls were too young to be starting. She felt no regrets about pulling the kids out. But as time went on, things slowly started to change, and Jaqi had to make an important decision. Ava Marie and Leah Rose were so young it was hard to say whether they would want to be models. Jaqi wanted to support her kids in doing what they wanted, not what others suggested. So, to keep the girls happy, she made sure they were old enough to have a say before considering modeling again.

Waiting For The Right Time


Even when they were toddlers, Jaqi wasn’t convinced they were old enough to voice their opinions or make their own decisions. As such, Jaqi and her husband thought hard about the right time to allow the twins to decide for themselves. A great believer in signs, Jaqi kept an open mind and heart. Since seven is her lucky number, she felt it was more than a coincidence that Ava and Leah were born on 7/7. And the very thought of them turning seven on July 7, 2017 gave Jaqi a hint on how to resolve her concern about the dream of her beloved girls.

The Girls’ Response


By the time Ava and Leah reached seven years old, they had developed their own personalities. They were involved in various extracurricular activities like swimming and dancing. According to Jaqi, the girls love to perform for anybody and everybody, a trait she and her husband don’t have. On their 7th birthday, she brought up the long-awaited plan, telling the girls that if they wanted to pursue modelling, in addition to their weekly dance and swim classes, they could give it a try. And the twins’ response? “They started jumping up and down and couldn’t wait to begin,” said Jaqi.

The Modeling Begins Again


The transition back to modelling was smoother for Jaqi and her twins. Luckily, their neighbor had recently opened a children’s boutique and she needed models to help market her new business. Ava and Leah were given the job without a moment’s hesitation. Because the girls were still very young, Jaqi took things slowly. She knew that wearing excessive makeup and a variety of pretty clothes could be unhealthy for their development. So, she took the matter into her hands and “put a few waves in the girl’s hair, dabbed on a little blush” and snapped their photos using her decade-old Nikon camera.

Ironing Out the Wrinkles


During her first shoot with the twins, Jaqi had to cut them a lot of slack. Despite their stunning looks, Ava and Leah didn’t have a natural understanding of how to model. “Ava would look at the camera while Leah would stare off into space… Leah would accidentally bump into Ava who of course thought it was on purpose and would shove her back,” Jaqi said. Jaqi worried that it would be difficult to get the twins back with an agent after their first attempt six years ago. Still, she called her old contacts and to her surprise, they ended up inking deals with not one but two agencies.

The Double Agency Predicament


Little did Jaqi realize that having two agencies would put them in trouble rather than giving her daughters more opportunity and exposure. Everything was turning okay until one of the agencies gave her a call. “Hi, we wanted to let you know we were able to get the girls straight through to a callback for a Barbie Audition tomorrow,” the agent told Jaqi. Of course, she was overjoyed with the good news but she panicked because her girls had the same audition with their other agent. So she told the truth and the issues got fixed in no time.

Instagram Explosion


In July 2017 Jaqi created an Instagram account for the girls called @clementstwins. Though she was clueless as to the ins-and-outs of social media promotion. The girls had 380,000 followers after just five months. The aim of the account was to serve as a portfolio for agencies and to earn a huge fanbase. These goals were rapidly achieved thanks to the charm and beauty of the twins. She also let one of their biggest secrets to success slip: “One thing I know for sure, it’s ALL about the pictures… so don’t settle for an average photographer because you want to save a few dollars.”

It Runs in the Blood



2017 proved to be a great year for the Clements family. Alongside Ava and Leah’s progress in modeling, Jaqi had a feeling that 2017 would be a lucky and exciting year since 7 is the family’s lucky number. Ava and Leah’s success in the modelling world is greatly credited to their genes. That being the case, it’s no surprise that their older brother Chase proved to be a talented model too. He signed a contract with the same modeling agency, and has taken an interest in acting. You may have even seen him performing in a few commercials. Striking looks and talent certainly run in the family!


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