The world’s first fully compostable trainers have arrived – and they’re really cute


The world’s first ever 100% compostable, organic trainers have just been released by a Canadian shoe company.

Native Shoes have launched the aptly named Plant Shoe, which is entirely made from plants. So you can literally have a greener footprint.

The trainer is completely biodegradable, which means you can simply dump it on your compost pile with your food waste and eventually it will rot away to nothing. One less thing in the landfill.

So what are they made of?

The outsole is made of natural lactae hevea, it has a pineapple husk and organic cotton upper, a eucalyptus lasting board, a natural linen sock liner and it is all held together with natural, latex-based glue.

The pineapple used in the shoes are sourced in the Philippines, where the pineapple husks are saved from being discarded waste and transformed into an ultra-sustainable textile.


(Picture: Native Shoes)

Linen comes from flax, which is a plant made of long fibres that are really strong when they are spun into yarn.

To make the upper of the shoe, eucalyptus pulp is compressed and then formed into a pliable material.


(Picture: Native Shoes)

‘It’s funny, none of our materials are particularly ground-breaking, and in some guise (maybe with a bit of tweaking), they’ve been around for a long time,’ explains creative director Mike Belgue on the company website.


(Picture: Native Shoes)

‘No one previously has looked to the past to solve for the future. ​We used very old techniques, using old materials (jute, kenaf, linen, hevea), and figured out a way to make them all work for a modern sneaker.

‘We try to transcend trend at Native Shoes, in an effort to make something timeless and classic.

‘We wanted a shoe that was seasonless, genderless and adaptable to any situation, while being elevated and the right shape and canvas for our material palette and construction techniques.’

The gum-sole and neutral colour scheme of the trainers make them the perfect shoe for all your summer styles – and with a price tag of £150, you’re going to want to get as much wear out of them as possible.

As we all strive to find ways to make more eco-conscious, sustainable choices about the clothes we buy, the food we eat and the way we travel – the Plant Shoes could definitely be a step in the right direction.

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