Gucci announces plan to go completely carbon neutral

A Gucci store in Milan

Gucci has this week announced that is has become an entirely carbon neutral company.

The legendary Italian fashion brand said that the strategy is a response to the growing climate crisis and an acknowledgement of the role the fashion industry has played in contributing to environmental issues.

The company’s strategy is to reduce and offset what they call ‘unavoidable emissions’.

The notable thing about Gucci’s plan is that it will incorporate their entire supply chain – including parts of the production process that use external businesses. So the buck doesn’t just stop with Gucci – this responsibility extends to everyone they work with.

Gucci owners say that 90% of its greenhouse gas emissions happen in the early stages of the supply chain, so this tactic could significantly reduce the amount of environmental damage the company is inflicting.

To find out exactly where the worst gasses are being produced, Gucci will use its environmental profit and loss report to help it identify which areas of the supply chain need to be changed and improved.

A Gucci store in Milan

90% of Gucci’s greenhouse gas emissions happen in the early stages of the supply chain. (Picture: Getty)

In order to offset the emissions that can’t be avoided, Gucci will partner with Redd+ – a UN project to reduce emissions from deforestation in Peru, Kenya, Indonesia and Cambodia.

Gucci’s decision to take this step is really important because fashion production is one of the biggest causes of pollution across the globe.

Last month, Oxfam found that more than two tonnes of clothing are being bought in the UK each minute. They also estimate that 11 million garments end up in landfill each week.

There is also an issue of fabric used in the production of clothing contributing to microplastics found in water supplies.

Gucci are the biggest fashion brand so far to make this pledge to go carbon neutral, and we hope other brands will follow suit.

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