Amastan Hotel x Lola James Harper Music And Art Project


Amastan is an urban hotel in the 8th arrondissement of Paris inspired by the classic spirit of the city. Founded by Zied Sanhaji, its design was conceived by a local NOCC studio that infused the hotel with an eclectic, yet modern character. Featuring herringbone parquet floors, beautiful tapestries by Jan Kath and a two-story library, Amastan offers a sense of cosiness in the middle of a bustling metropolis.

In collaboration with a French lifestyle brand Lola James Harper, Amastan is now home to a pop-up project in tribute to values the two brand share in common – love of travel and art. Alongside a temporary exhibition of summer road trip photographs on view at the Amastan until November 27th, Lola James Harper unveils its music roots with a series of weekly live folk and rock concerts inside the hotel’s Anouk bar.







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